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How-To Guides: Using the Naya Smart Breast Pump

Step-by-Step Guides

  • Welcome to the Naya Health Family

    Cofounder and CEO Janica Alvarez walks through what to expect when your Naya Smart Breast Pump arrives. It's the first double electrict pump that feels like you're nursing a baby, not a machine.

  • Naya Smart Breast Pump: How to Assemble and Use

    Learn how to assemble and use your Naya Smart Breast Pump. When you turn on your Smart Breast Pump, it starts in stim mode to initiate the let down of milk. After 120 seconds, the Smart Breast Pump moves into flow mode, a higher suction mode to efficiently extract milk quietly and gently. You can customize the duration of stim mode in the Naya Health Tracker app.

  • Naya Smart Breast Pump: How to Disassemble and Clean

    After you're done using your Naya Smart Breast Pump, watch how to remove the puck from the pump and clean your breast shield assemblies

  • Naya Smart Breast Pump: Your Breast Shield Assemblies

    Follow along this video to learn best practices on how to fill and empty your breastshield assembly with plain water. We recommend replacing the water in your breastshield assemblies once a week.