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Better Pumping on Your Terms

  • - One Naya Smart Pump
  • - Two Collection Bottles
  • - A Pair of Breast Shield Assemblies
  • - One Cleaning Brush



Only $299 upfront to cover the first three months and then $99/month


You can cancel anytime


We provide you with a shipping return label once you end your subscription. All you need to do is to safely pack it and drop it off at your local UPS store

Dedicated support team

Our dedicated customer support team can be reached by email, in-app messaging via the Naya Health Tracker and by phone

Eco Friendly

Subscription Membership (renting) creates less waste and enables you to use the latest technology for each of your children


More milk less time

The Naya pump uses water instead of air to release milk and those who experience better performance yield an average of 30% more milk than a regular pump

Feels more comfortable

Our award winning HydroComfort Technology™ gets 5 out of 5 stars for comfort, giving you a more human experience


Rechargable battery and compact. At only three pounds, the pump is lightweight, convenient and designed to travel with you


Use the Naya Health Tracker (iOS) to customize your pump settings, automatically track your pumping sessions and track both your pumping amounts and baby's feeding amounts


Hospital Grade, close system pump is not only safe to rent but it's also preferred by most women who use hospital grade pumps

What's Included in the Subscription?

Naya Smart Breast Pump offers strong performance in a closed system, making it a safe and effective rental option

Free flanges automatically sent to you every three months

Naya's IBCLCs (Lactation Consultants) at your fingertips using the Naya Health Tracker app

Complementary and stress free shipping

Special membership pricing on other Naya products

Flexibility to cancel anytime

Products made with in the USA

You Deserve a Better Pumping Experience

Foundation Plan


Get a Naya Smart Breast Pump for a $299 upfront fee, which covers the first three months of pumping and and then $99/month until you return it


Get a free set of two flanges (soft silicone cups that go against your breasts during pumping) automatically sent to you every three months


Get access to Naya's IBCLCs for questions about breastfeeding and pumping


Enjoy special membership pricing on all other accessories

What Moms are Saying

A Night and day pumping experience

"I love my Naya pump. It is so easy to use. Prior to Naya, I used a competing pump that made me unbelievably sore and was not at all portable since it required a power outlet. The Naya pump is so much more comfortable, only requires a few simple pieces to clean, runs on a rechargeable battery and it's elegantly designed."




"The Naya pump is just so good - I'm telling all my friends to get one. It's such a better pumping experience. Seriously. Every nursing woman should have a Naya pump."




"So much more comfortable than the pump I used with my first child. I can pump anywhere with the Naya pump because of its rechargeable battery. It's easy to clean. The Naya pump is hands down better than my other pump. Thanks to its design, I no longer feel like a cow!"




"What I love about the Naya pump is how quiet and comfortable it is. Having no pain while pumping is a BIG DEAL."




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Our Subscription Promises

Stay Connected

Complimentary calls, in-app messaging and emails with Naya's IBCLCs to discuss all things pumping and breastfeeding

Dedicated Customer Service

Reach us by phone, email or in-app messaging. Our staff is here to support you

Stress Free

Complimentary refresh of your flanges (also known as breast shield assembilies) automatically sent you every three months along with easy shipping and personalized support from our team makes for a stress free experience

Easy Returns

We supply you with a return shipping label once you end your subscription membership

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