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The Naya Smart Bottle makes it much easier for you to meet your baby’s nutritional needs.
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It’s easy to worry if you are doing the right thing for your baby’s nutritional health. The reality is, providing breast milk is the proven to be the best form of nutrition for infants. Still, mothers second guess the quality of their breast milk. We are here to change that.


The Naya Smart Bottle effortlessly tracks and records volumes from pumping and feeding sessions with the Naya Health Tracker App using Bluetooth®.


The Naya Smart Bottle gives provides answers to the top questions mothers have about their baby’s nutrition, including total calories and fat their baby gets with each feeding.


The Naya Smart Bottle works with not only Naya pumps but also with the most common pump brands.

60% of moms quit breastfeeding prematurely due to frustrations with their breast pump and a perception of insufficient milk.

Journal of Pediatrics
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