Our Story

It all started with a simple idea:
A better breast pump experience.

Mother of three young boys and future founder of Naya Health, Janica Alvarez wanted to provide breast milk to her baby when she returned to work full-time. As she struggled to find a pump that made this commitment easy, comfortable and discreet, she discovered that pumping technology had not evolved in decades. Millions of women were relying on inefficient, archaic designs that offered zero promise of improvement. Janica never managed to find a breast pump that measured up.

She relayed her frustrations to her husband Jeff, a medical device engineer. In the typical engineer fashion, he took apart her breast pump late one night in their garage and realized things could be done better. Much better, actually.

That night, Naya Health was born—a company dedicated to bringing better technology to health products for modern moms. The Smart Pump by Naya is the first in a lineup of design-centric, user-friendly health products engineered to make life easier for women and families.

Today, the Naya Advisory Health Team is made up of renowned physicians, lactation experts and healthcare technologists who have joined forces to create positive change for families everywhere.

  • Jeffery Alvarez, Co-Founder and Janica Alvarez, Co-Founder & CEO