The first double electric, closed breast pump system that feels like you’re nursing a baby, not a machine.

Our patented HydroComfort Technology™ uses water instead of air to create a more comfortable and productive pumping experience.

Hydrocomfort™ technology

Our patented hydraulic system pumps quickly and gently to help you relax and release.


Women who experience better performance with the Naya pump yield on average 30% more breast milk in less time compared to air-based pumps.

Smart & Insightful

Record your pump sessions, track your milk supply, and receive insights through the app.

We Don’t Pump. We Express

Naya's artificial mouth expresses your breasts instead of pumping them. This means less of a tug-o-war and more of natural experience.

The Naya Water-Based Flange

We use water and a soft silicone mouth to create gentle compression and suction, which allows more nipple engagement..It feels like your baby.

Traditional air-based flange

Air-based pumps use direct vacuum suction to pull and tug the nipple in one direction to release milk. Some women feel their nipples look mangled after pumping with rigid flanges. Ouch.

More Benefits In A Smaller Package

Hydrocomfort™ technology

Patented water-based technology that expresses your milk more comfortably. Use warm or cold water in the flange to ease your breasts. Feeding your baby doesn’t need to be a pain. More milk, less ouch.

Powerful and smart

Our pump is one of the most powerful on the market, and the rechargeable battery lasts days, not hours.

Naya also has a sleek-touch interface so you can easily change your level while you pump, or use your phone. Pair your pump with the Naya Health Tracker app, and control your pump from your iOS device. Talk about hands-free.

Totally Portable

Our pump comes in at 3lbs without accessories, and only 5lbs with the storage bag. We’re commute-approved.

Pair your pump and be amazed

The Naya Health Tracker will help you record pump sessions, feeding sessions, your inventory, and mom’s hydration. The app also gives you insights after a few sessions.

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