Naya Smart Breast Pump.
Arriving this Fall.

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What the Press is Saying

The Smart Pump by Naya

“We’ve made it better. The whole experience is far better
than moms have ever experienced before. Don’t just take our word for it, see what other moms have to say.”

Janica Alvarez, mother of three and CEO

Hospital Grade

As fast and hygienic as the leading hospital grade pumps—without the hospital.


Our patented hydraulic
system pumps quickly,
quietly, and gently to help
you relax and release.


The Smart Pump uses flowing water, eliminating noise at the source and produces a completely different sound sensation, peace and quiet.


Automatically record your pump sessions, track your milk supply, and receive personalized advice through the Naya app.

mom & baby

Women deserve better

Naya is more than pumping and more than
wanting the best for the baby. It’s about
empowering women to live better by providing
smarter options that match their lifestyle choices
and meet their needs.

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What mothers are saying

  • “I like the silicone on the Naya flange.
    It makes the flange very comfortable and creates a great seal.”

    Medina M.

  • “There was no pinching and rubbing with the
    Naya pump, and I felt stronger suction.”

    Sarah B.

  • “The Naya pump is definitely more comfortable,
    and I was able to pump more milk with the Naya flange.”

    Kim W.