More milk. More comfort. In less time.

The Naya Smart Breast Pump includes our patent-pending HydroComfort Technology™, which uses water instead of air to create a more comfortable, productive, and quieter breast pumping experience.

  • Gently massages your breasts to help you relax and release milk

  • Say goodbye to chafed, cracked, and sore nipples with Naya’s soft silicone flanges

  • Automatically track your pumping sessions and milk supply with the Naya app

  • Naya’s water-based system eliminates noise at source, creating a quieter pumping experience

  • Express yourself, more: beta users pumped up to 25%+ more milk per session with Naya’s flanges

  • Easy-to-clean system saves you
    10 minutes each day of washing pump parts

  • Travel-ready at only three pounds, including a rechargeable battery

  • Double electric hospital-grade breast pump is proudly made with in the USA

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What moms and doctors are saying...

What the Press is Saying...

...the first real innovation we'll see hit the market...
  • ...the first real innovation we'll see hit the market...
  • The Naya Health breast pump is meant to more closely approximate nursing a baby
  • A first-of-its-kind breast pump that uses hydraulics to imitate the sensation of breastfeeding.
  • This should ostensibly help moms optimize their pumping schedules and avoid problems like over- or under-supply on a given day.
  • parents time and worry by providing the world’s first smart breast pump.

An investment in you and your baby.

The Naya Smart Breast Pump is an investment in both you and your baby's long-term health. Below are some daily costs if you provide breast milk for your baby over 3, 6 and 12 months with the Naya Smart Breast Pump.

Formula Feeding

With average formula prices around $1 an ounce, and babies consuming anywhere from 15-20 ounces a day, you could spend about:

$15-20 per day

6 Months

Providing breast milk using the Naya Smart Breast Pump for 6 months: $999/180 days =

$5.55 per day

12 Months*

Providing breast milk using the Naya Smart Breast Pump for 12 months: $999/365 days =

$2.74 per day

* The current American Academy of Pediatric recommendation. Six and 12 month daily cost does not include additional flanges or accessories.

Women deserve better

Naya is more than pumping and more than wanting the best for the baby. It’s about empowering women to live better by providing smarter options that match their lifestyle choices and meet their needs.

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Women deserve better

See our video, "If Men Breastfed" and join us in advocating for better pumping accommodations in the workplace. #IfMenBreastfed


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